Mission Statement:

Constructing art to redefine spaces, reflecting where I have been and where I want to be.

Artist Statement:

Polyphonic is a term usually used to describe the layers of sounds in music.  In my work “Polyphonic” illustrates the creative layers that can participate in a living space, in a living community.  Examining art’s role and integration into society, my work considers how to infiltrate daily life with art.  


Art can exists in the peripheral view, around life’s utilitarian functions. With a mural, the art becomes a skin to the room, and subcutaneous to the action. It exists underneath, and around, and beside us. Art is a cohabitant. As a polyphonic layer, the mural can trigger the mind to consider what it is to be elsewhere, insisting the viewer fills in the gaps and colors. 


As an object, art can bring the viewer on a specific journey towards a preserved introspection. Art’s action as an object, or as a formal focal point, frames a specific moment of concentration.


In both processes of drawing the landscape, they are the response and record, they are as stern as they are comical, and they are always raw. Guided by the traditions of photography, the visual framework uses negative and positive spaces, an observation is divine and beauty is claimed from chaos. 


The botanical drawings are built as an object to ponder, and as an installation in the periphery to bath in like a dream.