Certainly these endeavors can enchant.  

Here are your options.

Illustrations: 3 ways

Art in an Envelope - A kit for sending hand made Art, packed in a evelope with your note and an easle for simple admiration.


 Illustrations - Drawings and Sumi Exploration. Subject: life.


Mailables - The Menu has letter press cards, and who knows what, available for your immediate pleasure, quick, fast, and easy.

Directed illustration - Client directed subject matter. Potentially created with Walnut, Sumi or pencil illustrations.

$100.00 per idea request.

Paintings & Photography

Work  - Work can be shown by drop box. If in Walla Walla, an appointment can be made for showings.


Existing Work Exhibits - Work that has been built, is available for sale or to come as a visiting install.  If you are interested in a 2 month period, please provide a gracious art opening with your community.

Commission  - The options of designing a space with custom atmosphere . Cost available with bid

Rooms & MuRals

Creating a space - Ideal areas are: places people move through, or sit for a while, anywhere really.

Themes - Inside a fern grove, below the flowers, up in tree, the options are botanical and endless.

Actually Rooms - these spaces are available to see by appointment. 

Bids - All work is bid and built on a contract that separates materials from time.


Wall work requires multiple visits.

New technology are being used to build murals offsite. Installation still take time.

The process to change the perceptions of murals in Walla Walla has begun.


All Serious Considerations

Wall Drawings:   Wheather on a raw plaster wall or finished painted walls, the grafite is applied and will have a washable sealant. 

Tile Murals: an excellant way to embellish a kitchen or bathrooms, images of work previously done available. Installation will be outsourced. 

Office Murals:- Change your environment with a mural. Murals made off site, installation creates a permanent wall paper. Bids and timelines available

Outside Mural: -  Oh, Yes we can!    Based on proceses used by the Philadelphia City Murals Arts Program. Let's start the conversation, following the city's guidelines, anything is possible.


Logo Design

Logo - The identity sets the mood in front of the service.

Simple, artist interpretation.

3 ideas - Each presenting an interpetaion of the service being offered. 

 Client's Responsibility - Please come with description of service, ideal client description



Black and White - all logos will be simplified for for printing ease. 

Hand drawn - All ideas will be sketched to be realized


Finished Product Examples

 LOGO Package: Free Bid 

Workshop Organizer

Round Table Discussion: - Using the steps of listening and consideration, use the knowledge within the group to learn. 


Referrals on request


The three Minute Presentation  - A grounding process with in networking. This is a practice in finding "the combination" to unlock the information. There are always new ideas. 


Cost of services - tba