Be brave.

Today I could hear the rain on the roof of my studio. The napkin rings piled up, between safety goggles, paint brushes, and glasses of lemon water.

This fall marks the transition in the Napkin Ring Project away from my experimental trunk shows. What with gallery stores and artisan shops stepping forward to carry the rings, I've become a bit more... polished. 

The essence of the idea is to have the rings last. To hold your attention. To hold you place in the conversation. By buffing the surface down and bringing the shine out, the open copper surface accepts the wax. New storage bags are on their way, fingers crossed everyone fits, with a fresh logo from Scott Grossman. And I'm working up an identification cards, if you will, with clues on design from Peter Miller's finger pointings.

It's funny as things get more methodical, sometimes they become less sexy. Yet each time I figure out, one more thing, I realize just how courageous I was to begin when I did.