Prepping, The Napkin Ring Project.

I dressed to go out. Really I did. I even woke up at 1 am to run out into the night to turn the studio heater on, because the snow had not let up. 

no one home

But then it occurred to me. No one was home, and the studio is really just a dry space not a insulated warm space. The rings were in a clean state. I would be running back and forth anyhow. All I needed to do was apply and shine the wax on the napkin rings for photographing, and cataloging, and really... Lets be honest, no one was home. 

S section

So after grabbing a stash of records from the S section, or rather Nina’s neighbors, I lit a fire. Running in and out to collect my rings, I got distracted... with a conversation the children and I had yesterday about raising money for the YWCA years ago with our friends the Bowers. Real money (or so it was in our minds) was raised with these sweet bird feeder ornaments. And wouldn’t you know it, I just had the materials right here…. ten minutes later, this. Not bad right? Well now to watch if I have the bird's approval and love….

Bird Ornaments

When I brought wood in, and realized some needed to still dry off from the snow... and the rings needed a shelf to heat up on for the wax to be applied. I reached deep, and pulled forth my inner Martha Stewart… Who knew a snow day could be so sweet. 

martha set up

So many new rings for the Holiday pop-up. This coming Sunday, December 11, 2016 at Saffron Restaurant, downtown Walla Walla. All afternoon, from 3-7 pm with Bubbly to share. See you there!!