Raika's Room

I wish I knew the exact day, 

that she knew, 

she wanted the drawing.

This is Raika, she hired me to draw on her room, when she was 12.

The room is the perfect size for a week of installation. Eight feet wide and ten feet long, with a huge window, closet, and entrance door, with 7 foot and 8 inches ceilings.

The first request was Birch or Aspen like trees. 

The bough's trunks needed a place to stand, so I brought the sweet woodruff from my own garden, a place she has been many times. 

In need for one more element, I asked her father, as Raika was off working to pay for the drawing. 

Digitalis. The foxglove.

A flower that resides at its own pleasure, in the back yard of my childhood home,  and at the front gate outside Raika’s window. 

Apparently it is a favorite of hers, too.

The last step was the trigger drawing.

Raika, now 13, can take the drawing with her where ever she might go.


Corvallis, Oregon July 28, 2016