Art Squared, (or why I want to punch people buying art from box stores.)

For the last five years, I have donated an idea and used summer hours. I work through 10 six by six squares for Art Walla's fundraiser ArtSquared. Selling about 6 to 9 each year, this feat always shows me what worked and did not, in a furiously fast experience, and without much discussion. I do it for the greater good. Hell, I assume we all do. 

It gives an opportunity for the community to buy and live with art. For $36.00 the pieces are really small, and for someone like myself, they look like sticky notes placed on my walls. This is not super attractive, and yet it reminds me that: oh yes- I like this artist. I need to follow their thoughts, and when given a chance, buy a larger more thought out work. 

For now, this will do, until then. 

So why the violence?