I am going, are you coming?

Incidentally, I am working on array of wonderful projects 

    that have a had 

crossover kismet love affair, 

    and its a long time coming.

Willingness, between projects, is what brings form to the dreams. Don’t you think? 

In, “A field guide to getting lost” by Rebecca Solnit. 

I’ve been plunging into the verbal representation of: 

the in-between. 

Finding sentences that make me reach for the pencil 

that has fallen off the night table, 

and I’m rooting around with just my hand- 

fearing to look away from the antidote. 

    Because, in the Blue of Distance part 1, she says 

                            things like 

    “in which the near and far fold into each other.” 

Am I am thinking… oh yeah. 

    This is where I’m going. 

Dowsing for the surreal. Giving sensation formal. Orchestrating the polyphonic self. When the subcutaneous sensation occurs, I know I have shown up. 

By being fully present, and documenting where that is. 

From each part of my body, 

    as a mother, 

        an artist, 

            a wife, 

                and an educator, all five. 

Hearing, seeing, smelling, touching and sensing. All five. 

Without my emotions dictating me, I am left with 

    all I have ever been all at once. 

And this, ladies and gentle humans makes a very different picture.