Carnegie Picture Lab

Six years ago while working in my garden, I made the radical decision to give the next several years of my life to bring art to the schools. Taking privilege out of art, every child every class, making it accessible to all.  All meaning children and their volunteers, in elementary schools, in Walla Walla.  

Hardly a day goes by when the effort was not considered. How to make the program better, have the volunteers happier or how to best blow the minds of the young and unexposed. Oh and the possibilities are endless, what with partnerships and field trips and books? And then there is the structural work, how to invent a board, a non-profit or a working studio. With parents, many heavily educated adults who had given their attention solely to children, we pulled them out of their comfort zones. Reintroducing the idea of working for all the children, dishes and laundry can wait, we must volunteer for art.  

All of these things have a life of their own now. My bullish ways have been replaced with people who talk politely, interact correctly, expect accordingly, and present outstandingly, all in the honor of art. 

And now although my responsibilities continue, my lioness ways are directed at that which I would beseech others to do. 

Can you believe this phoenix?